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    The University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements for users conducting or involved in Human Subjects Research have changed effective March 5, 2012.

    In keeping with these requirements, the Good Clinical Practice, Human Subjects Research in Biomedical Science (Formerly RPF Module 2A), Human Subjects Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences (Formerly RPF Module 2B) and IRB Member Education modules are no longer available through this learning management system.

    While the Research Integrity Module is available, the University of Pittsburgh IRB Research Integrity requirements have moved to the CITI system.

    Please go to for more information.

  • Modules required for researchers can be found under "Responsible Conduct of Research". Guidance regarding requirements and recommendations on who must complete these modules, as well as recertification requirements can be found by checking "What is Required?".

  • For more information on requirements regarding the various HIPAA training modules, please check the "What is Required - HIPAA Modules"

  • Please notify us if you want to use any of these modules for education purposes; we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

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UPMC Hamot

EMTALA: The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - What it is and How it Applies to UPMC Hamot - UPMC Hamot

Be Informed About Informed Consent - UPMC Hamot

Quality Documentation –The Best Defense! - UPMC Hamot

Cardiac Arrest, Opioids and Monitoring on the Med/Surg Floor; Can we Connect the Dots to Reduce Preventable Deaths? - UPMC Hamot

How Will My Child be Affected by Anesthesia? - UPMC Hamot

Peer Review / Act 13 – What is Protected, What is Not? Emails, Conversations, and Apology Law (Oh My!) - UPMC Hamot

Contact Precautions from Hand Washing to Hazmat: What You Need to Protect Yourself and Your Patients - UPMC Hamot

An Update on Diabetes Treatment - UPMC Hamot

Mock Deposition – How to Prepare and Defend Yourself - UPMC Hamot

The Discoverability of the Peer Review Process and What You Need to Know - UPMC Hamot

Hospital Considerations in Parkinson’s Disease - UPMC Hamot

Effective Strategies for Improving Patient Satisfaction - UPMC Hamot

Does a Safety Culture Have Anything to do with Patient Safety? - UPMC Hamot

Novel Anticoagulant Update and Interpretation of INR and TEG - UPMC Hamot

Blood Transfusions – Preparing for Potential Hazards to Ensure Patient Safety - UPMC Hamot

Street Rx: A Review on Drugs of Abuse - UPMC Hamot

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