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    UPMC has merged their CITI Training Course subscription with the University pf Pittsburgh's CITI subscription effective June 8, 2017. This merger will eliminate the need for investigators and research team members to have accounts with both institutions. All UPMC and Pitt users will now access the CITI portal through the Pitt site at

    The training information on the Office of Research Protections website ( provides detailed information on training courses and requirements. A concerted effort was made to consolidate as much training as possible within the CITI program. If you have any questions, email us at

  • For more information on requirements regarding the various HIPAA training modules, please check the "What is Required - HIPAA Modules"

  • Please notify us if you want to use any of these modules for education purposes; we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Modules Listings
PA Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics

Module  Keystone 10 Module 1: Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding

Module  Keystone 10 Module 2: Communication Skills

Module  Keystone 10 Module 3: How Milk Gets From Breast to Baby

Module  Keystone 10 Module 4: Promoting Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Module  Keystone 10 Module 5: Birth practices & breastfeeding

Module  Keystone 10 Module 6: Helping with Breastfeeding

Module  Keystone 10 Module 7: Practices that Assist Breastfeeding

Module  Keystone 10 Module 8: Milk Supply

Module  Keystone 10 Module 9: Supporting the non - breastfeeding mother and baby

Module  Keystone 10 Module 10: Infants and Mothers with Special Needs

Module  Keystone 10 Module 11: Breast and Nipple Concerns

Module  Keystone 10 Module 12: If the Baby Cannot Feed at the Breast

Module  Keystone 10 Module 13: On-Going Support for Mothers

Module  Keystone 10 Module 14: Protecting Breastfeeding

Module  Keystone 10 Module 15: Making Your Hospital Keystone 10 or Baby-Friendly

Module  A Smooth Transition from Adolescent to Adult SCD Care: Eliminating Barriers, Enhancing Resources - Part 1

Module  A Smooth Transition from Adolescent to Adult SCD Care: Eliminating Barriers, Enhancing Resources - Part 2

Module  Adolescent Depression

Module  Advanced ADHD: Stimulants and Alternatives in Pediatric Primary Care

Module  Driver Diagrams: How to Develop and Display Your QI Theory

Module  Effective Engagement: How Motivational Interviewing Can Help Engage Adolescents in Primary Care

Module  EPIC® : Breastfeeding Education, Support and Training (BEST)

Module  EPIC®: (BEST) Plus: Module 1 - Birth Through 14 Days

Module  EPIC®: (BEST) Plus: Module 2 - Two Weeks to Six Weeks

Module  EPIC®: (BEST) Plus: Module 3 - Lactation and Breastfeeding Beyond 6 Weeks

Module  Guidelines and Resources for Transitioning Adolescents and Young Adults with Spina Bifida to Adult Care

Module  Integration of Behavioral Health Care Coordination in the Primary Care Setting

Module  Let's Talk - PA AAP EPIC®: Food Insecurity. Pediatric practice-food pantry collaboration

Module  Oral Health - Why in MY Office?

Module  Post-Millennial Transition Blues

Module  The Basics: Substance Use and Behavioral Health in Adolescence

Module  The Prescription Opioid and Heroin Crisis

Module  Using SSRIS in Pediatric Primary Care

Module  Vapes, JUULs, Weed, Mental Health and Teens