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UPMC Presbyterian Medical Grand Rounds

Module 2017-01-10 - Medical Grand Rounds: Sepsis Bench-to-Bedside

Module 2017-01-17 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Year in Cardiology

Module 2017-01-31 - Medical Grand Rounds: Bench to Bedside: Big Data in Precision Medicine and Personalized Care

Module 2017-02-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: Leaders in Medicine: Building a Division of General Internal Medicine

Module 2017-02-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: More Tips on How to Live Long and Prosper: the Geriatrics 2016 Year in Review

Module 2017-02-21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Endocrinology Year in Review 2016-2017

Module 2017-02-28 - Medical Grand Rounds: What can we learn by looking? A clinical approach to gait disorders: Incorporating modern and archival video footage

Module 2017-03-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Human Microbiome- from the Bench to the Bedside

Module 2017-05-16 - Medical Grand Rounds: Medical Devices Bench to Bedside

Module 2017-06-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: General Internal Medicine: Year In Review

Module 2017-06-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Infamous Penicillin Allergy & Electronic Nicotine Delivery System [ENDS]

Module 2017-09-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: A Critical Review of Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT) and Government Endorsement (SEP-1)

Module 2017-09-12 - Medical Grand Rounds: Rheumatology Year in Review

Module 2017-10-03 - Medical Grand Rounds: Jack Sprat’s Expanding Fat: Obesity Past, Present, Future

Module 2017-10-10 - Medical Grand Rounds: Updates on Foodborne and Epidemic-Prone Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Health Centers

Module 2017-11-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: Developing an antidote for CO poisoning: From Bench to Bedside to Commercialization

Module 2017-11-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: Infectious Diseases Year in Review

Module 2017-11-21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Big Data and IBD: Defining clinical challenges and developing data driven solutions

Module 2017-12-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: Update on Opioids and Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Management

Module 2017/03/14 MGR: Randomized trials of chemotherapy for hormone-naïve metastatic prostate cancer: be careful what you wish for & Endocrine therapy duration updates: too much of a good thing?

Module 2017/03/21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Gastroenterology and Hepatology Year in Review

Module 2017/03/28 - Medical Grand Rounds: "Autonomous” Decisions and the Ethics of Nudging

Module 2017/04/18 - Medical Grand Rounds: Experience with allogeneic transplant for sickle cell disease

Module 2017/04/25 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Role of Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives: Implants and IUCs

Module 2017/05/30 - Medical Grand Rounds: Nephrology Year in Review Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury – Are we moving the field forward?

Module 2018-01-23 - Medical Grand Rounds: Strategies to Enhance the Efficacy of CAR T Cells

Module 2018-01-30 - Medical Grand Rounds: Palliative Care Year in Review

Module 2018-02-06 - Medical Grand Rounds: From Bench(Kitchen Table) to Venture Capital to Bedside: The Evolution/Revolution of Devices in Cardiology

Module 2018-02-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Even More Tips on How to Live Long and Prosper: the Geriatrics 2017 Year in Review

Module 2018-03-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Rheumatoid Arthritis, from the clinic back to the bench & Immune Relevance of Prevotella copri, a Gut Microbe, in Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Module 2018-03-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Dream of a Common Language: A Family's View of Truth Telling in Medicine

Module 2018-03-27 - Medical Grand Rounds: Optimizing Colonoscopy: Realizing our Full Potential to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Module 2018-04-03 - Medical Grand Rounds: Renal-Electrolyte Year in Review

Module 2018-04-17 - Medical Grand Rounds: From Bench to Bedside and Payer to Provider – the Era of Biosimilars

Module 2018-04-24 - Medical Grand Rounds: Burning Bright, Not Out: Preventing Physician Burnout and Promoting Resilience

Module 2018-05-01 - Medical Grand Rounds: Cardiovascular Effects of Incretin-based Anti-Diabetic Therapies

Module 2018-05-08 - Medical Grand Rounds: Advanced Care Planning and Shared Decision Making in ESRD

Module 2018-05-22- Medical Grand Rounds: General Internal Medicine Year in Review

Module 2018-05-29 - Medical Grand Rounds: Identifying and Addressing High Risk Opioid Use and Addiction

Module 2018-06-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: What are the performance measures for diversity, inclusion, and social mission

Module 2018-06-12- Medical Grand Rounds: Bench to Bedside: Mechanism-based treatments for hemoglobinopathies

Module 2018-06-19 - Medical Grand Rounds: Morbidity and Mortality in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease & Keeping off the Bottle: Medications for Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

Module 2018-09-11 - Medical Grand Rounds- The Special K Klub: Randomized Pilot Trial of a Novel Behavioral Intervention for Chronic Pain Tailored to People Living with HIV, Engineering a Molecule to Target CO Poisoning, and Creating a Family Planning Framework for Women with Rheumatic Diseases

Module 2018-09-25 - Medical Grand Rounds: A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach to Common Symptoms

Module 2018-10-09 - Medical Grand Rounds: Endocrinology Year in Review

Module 2018-10-23 - Medical Grand Rounds: Hematology/Oncology Year in Review

Module 2018-10-30 - Medical Grand Rounds: Special K Klub - K-award winners: COPD & Cardiovascular Disease, Improving pain management, and Influenza and Secondary Bacterial Super-infection

Module 2018-11-06 - Medical Grand Rounds: Peer to Peer Healthcare: How Patients Are Connecting Online and Opportunities for the Healthcare Professional

Module 2018-11-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: Emerging as an Equity-Minded Academic Health Center Through Inclusion Excellence

Module 2018-11-27 - Medical Grand Rounds: Special K Klub - K-award winners: Evaluating National Sepsis Health Policy, Timing Mutagenesis in the Bacterial SOS DNA Repair Pathway, Cortical Control of the Stomach & Relevance to Alzheimer's Disease

Module 2018-12-04 - Medical Grand Rounds: Disease Mechanisms in Psoriatic Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis

Module 2018-12-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Cultivating Human Flourishing Through Mindfulness, Compassion, and Resilience

Module 2018-12-18 - Medical Grand Rounds: Lung Transplantation for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Using Genetics to Guide Personalized Transplant Therapies

Module 2019-01-09 - Medical Grand Rounds: Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine - Year in Review

Module 2019-01-15 - Medical Grand Rounds: Neural control of somatic function: The future of physiology and medicine

Module 2019-01-22 - Medical Grand Rounds: State of the Union: Landscape Scan of the Latest Trends in Health Care

Module 2019-01-29 - Medical Grand Rounds: Patients’ Experiences of Medical Error Disclosure and Reconciliation

Module 2019-02-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: Infectious Diseases Year in Review

Module 2019-02-12 - Medical Grand Rounds: Health Policy Debate: “Bumps in the Road: Navigating Towards Universal Health Care"

Module 2019-02-26 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Curious History of Leeches - from Hippocrates to FDA Approved Medical Device

Module 2019-03-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: CaMKII is a Redox Sensor with Evolved Implications for Health and Disease

Module 2019-03-12 - Medical Grand Rounds: Resident Research Presentations: Features Associated with Long-Term Survival in Metastatic Breast Cancer; Chemical Inhibition of the E3 Ligase CHIP as a Strategy to Stabilize CFTR Mutants; Ndh2 and Nitric Oxide Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus; and Deconstructing the Discharge Process for Patients with Diabetes

Module 2019-03-19 - Medical Grand Rounds - Bench to Bedside: Systemic Sclerosis—Lessons Learned from Recent Trials

Module 2019-03-26 - Medical Grand Rounds: Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Year in Review

Module 2019-04-09 - Medical Grand Rounds: Eliminating Preventable Death from Colorectal Cancer by Addressing Modifiable Failures of Screening

Module 2019-04-16 - Medical Grand Rounds: Bench to Bedside- Bacteriophage Therapy for Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Infections: Back to the Future

Module 2019-04-23 - Medical Grand Rounds: Medical Education Debate: “Interns working 28-hour call”

Module 2019-05-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Lack of Diversity in Medicine is a National Emergency: The Way Forward

Module 2019-05-21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Bench to Bedside - Therapeutic Antibodies: from Horses to CARs and CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors

Module 2019-06-04 - Medical Grand Rounds: Update in General Internal Medicine

Module 2019-06-11 - Medical Grand Rounds: Advances and Controversies In Colorectal Cancer Screening

Module 2019-06-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: Understanding Aging Through the Prism of Alveolar Macrophages

Module 2019-06-18 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Price is NOT Right: The Physician Role in Rising Insulin Costs & When Observational Studies Give You Heartburn: Appraising the Evidence Behind PPIs and Related Adverse Effects

Module 2019-08-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: Global lessons from the 2014-16 Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone

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