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  • Just released: Annual Mandatory Training for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers 2017. This replaces the previous training: PSD Mandatory Training for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers 2016. Click the following link to go to the course. [Read More]

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    UPMC has merged their CITI Training Course subscription with the University pf Pittsburgh's CITI subscription effective June 8, 2017. This merger will eliminate the need for investigators and research team members to have accounts with both institutions. All UPMC and Pitt users will now access the CITI portal through the Pitt site at

    The training information on the Research Conduct & Compliance Office website ( provides detailed information on training courses and requirements. A concerted effort was made to consolidate as much training as possible within the CITI program. If you have any questions, email us at

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2016-01-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Opioid Epidemic in Western Pennsylvania

2016-09-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Immune Mechanisms in the Tumor Microenvironment & The 4th modality has arrived - Immunotherapy for Cancer

2016-09-20- Medical Grand Rounds: Department of Medicine Year in Review

2016-09-27 - Medical Grand Rounds: Contemporary Treatment of Pulmonary Thromboembolism - A Team Based Approach

2016-10-04 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Bench to Bedside: Future of Pharmacogenomics and Precision Therapeutics

2016-10-18 - Medical Grand Rounds: Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease: Scientific Fact or Science Fiction?

2016-10-25 - Medical Grand Rounds:Improving Medication Use: Innovations from an IDFS

2016-11-01 - Medical Grand Rounds: COPD Year in Review

2016-11-22 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Red Cell Storage Lesion: From Bench to Bedside

2016-11-29 - Medical Grand Rounds: Infectious Disease Year in Review 2016

2016/02/23 -UPMC Shadyside Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management Medical Staff Meeting

2016/09/27 -UPMC Shadyside Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management Medical Staff Meeting

2016/11/22 -UPMC Shadyside Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management Medical Staff Meeting

2017 Summer Trauma Grand Rounds

2017 Winter Trauma Grand Rounds

2017-01-10 - Medical Grand Rounds: Sepsis Bench-to-Bedside

2017-01-17 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Year in Cardiology

2017-01-31 - Medical Grand Rounds: Bench to Bedside: Big Data in Precision Medicine and Personalized Care

2017-02-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: Leaders in Medicine: Building a Division of General Internal Medicine

2017-02-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: More Tips on How to Live Long and Prosper: the Geriatrics 2016 Year in Review

2017-02-21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Endocrinology Year in Review 2016-2017

2017-02-28 - Medical Grand Rounds: What can we learn by looking? A clinical approach to gait disorders: Incorporating modern and archival video footage

2017-03-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Human Microbiome- from the Bench to the Bedside

2017-05-16 - Medical Grand Rounds: Medical Devices Bench to Bedside

2017-06-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: General Internal Medicine: Year In Review

2017-06-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Infamous Penicillin Allergy & Electronic Nicotine Delivery System [ENDS]

2017-09-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: A Critical Review of Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT) and Government Endorsement (SEP-1)

2017-09-12 - Medical Grand Rounds: Rheumatology Year in Review

2017-10-03 - Medical Grand Rounds: Jack Sprat’s Expanding Fat: Obesity Past, Present, Future

2017-10-10 - Medical Grand Rounds: Updates on Foodborne and Epidemic-Prone Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Health Centers

2017-11-07 - Medical Grand Rounds: Developing an antidote for CO poisoning: From Bench to Bedside to Commercialization

2017-11-14 - Medical Grand Rounds: Infectious Diseases Year in Review

2017-11-21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Big Data and IBD: Defining clinical challenges and developing data driven solutions

2017-12-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: Update on Opioids and Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Management

2017/02/28 -UPMC Shadyside Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management Medical Staff Meeting

2017/03/14 MGR: Randomized trials of chemotherapy for hormone-naïve metastatic prostate cancer: be careful what you wish for & Endocrine therapy duration updates: too much of a good thing?

2017/03/21 - Medical Grand Rounds: Gastroenterology and Hepatology Year in Review

2017/03/28 - Medical Grand Rounds: "Autonomous” Decisions and the Ethics of Nudging

2017/04/18 - Medical Grand Rounds: Experience with allogeneic transplant for sickle cell disease

2017/04/25 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Role of Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives: Implants and IUCs

2017/05/30 - Medical Grand Rounds: Nephrology Year in Review Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury – Are we moving the field forward?

2017/11/27 -UPMC Shadyside Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management Medical Staff Meeting

2018 -05-01 - Medical Grand Rounds: Cardiovascular Effects of Incretin-based Anti-Diabetic Therapies

2018-01-23 - Medical Grand Rounds: Strategies to Enhance the Efficacy of CAR T Cells

2018-01-30 - Medical Grand Rounds: Palliative Care Year in Review

2018-02-06 - Medical Grand Rounds: From Bench(Kitchen Table) to Venture Capital to Bedside: The Evolution/Revolution of Devices in Cardiology

2018-02-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Even More Tips on How to Live Long and Prosper: the Geriatrics 2017 Year in Review

2018-03-13 - Medical Grand Rounds: Rheumatoid Arthritis, from the clinic back to the bench & Immune Relevance of Prevotella copri, a Gut Microbe, in Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis

2018-03-20 - Medical Grand Rounds: The Dream of a Common Language: A Family's View of Truth Telling in Medicine

2018-03-27 - Medical Grand Rounds: Optimizing Colonoscopy: Realizing our Full Potential to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

2018-04-03 - Medical Grand Rounds: Renal-Electrolyte Year in Review

2018-04-17 - Medical Grand Rounds: From Bench to Bedside and Payer to Provider – the Era of Biosimilars

2018-04-24 - Medical Grand Rounds: Burning Bright, Not Out: Preventing Physician Burnout and Promoting Resilience

2018-05-08 - Medical Grand Rounds: Advanced Care Planning and Shared Decision Making in ESRD

2018-05-22- Medical Grand Rounds: General Internal Medicine Year in Review

2018-05-29 - Medical Grand Rounds: Identifying and Addressing High Risk Opioid Use and Addiction

2018-06-05 - Medical Grand Rounds: What are the performance measures for diversity, inclusion, and social mission

UPMC Information Privacy and Security Awareness Training for Physicians, Mid-Level Providers, Dentists, Staff, and Students Who Are Not Employed by UPMC but Who Encounter Protected Health Information in UPMC Facilities.

University of Pittsburgh HIPAA Privacy and Security Awareness for Physicians, Mid-Level Providers, Dentists, Staff, and Students working in University of Pittsburgh clinical facilities, all Staff and Faculty working in other HIPAA-covered departments and all Students, Staff and Faculty in the Schools of Health Sciences

Advance Practice Providers Grand Rounds - What Do Universities Look for in Preceptors?

Alarm Management - Webinar from the PA Safety Authority

Annual Mandatory Training for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers 2017

Beating Burnout: Finding Fulfillment at Home & at Work - UPMC Hamot

Biosafety - NIH Guidelines

Blood Transfusions – Preparing for Potential Hazards to Ensure Patient Safety - UPMC Hamot

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Formerly RPF Module 9) - Update

CME Update-Chronic Pain Management - UPMC Hamot

CMI Quality Initiative- Melanoma

Caring and Preparing for Difficult Patient Situations - UPMC Hamot

Cat Training Module- Update

Chemical Hygiene Training (Formerly RPF Module 10) -Update

Contact Precautions from Hand Washing to Hazmat: What You Need to Protect Yourself and Your Patients - UPMC Hamot

Does a Safety Culture Have Anything to do with Patient Safety? - UPMC Hamot

Dog Module -Update

Effective Strategies for Improving Patient Satisfaction - UPMC Hamot

Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation: Stopping the Biological Clock

Ferret Training Module - Update

Fluoroscopic Radiation Management

Health IT-Associated Errors and Patients Safety -Webinar from the PA Safety Authority

Hospital Considerations in Parkinson’s Disease - UPMC Hamot

Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers Remain a Top Patient Safety Concern for Hospitals in Pennsylvania- Webinar of the PA Safety Authority

How to Implement a System and Behavior Approach to Improve Hand Hygiene - Webinar of the PA Safety Authority

Industry Relationships Policy Vendor Training

Infertility Testing: Risks, Benefits and Limitations of Initial Evaluation

Introduction to Animal Facility Hazards (DLAR Employees)

Large Animals Research and Training - Update

Low Back Pain: Course 1 - Clinical Decision Making -Update

Low Back Pain: Course 2 - Key Elements in History Taking: Identification of Red Flags

Low Back Pain: Course 3 - Neurological assessment

Low Back Pain: Course 4 - Classification and Treatment of Stage I Patients

Low Back Pain: Course 5 - Mobilization

Low Back Pain: Course 6 - Stabilization

Low Back Pain: Course 7 - Directional Preference

Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC 12th Annual Quality / Patient Safety Symposium: As Surgical Services Moves toward improved Patient Safety:  An Adventure Story

Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC 12th Annual Quality / Patient Safety Symposium: Quality & Patient Safety: Can We Talk?

Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC 12th Annual Quality / Patient Safety Symposium: Surgical Safety: Local Insights & Questions and Answers

Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC 12th Annual Quality / Patient Safety Symposium: The Cornerstone of Surgical Safety

Nonhuman primate (NHP) Training Module

Novel Anticoagulant Update and Interpretation of INR and TEG - UPMC Hamot

Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST): Respecting Patient Choices Across the Continuum of Care-UPDATE

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 1: An Introduction to Precepting at Pitt Pharmacy

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 2: Leading the Way in Experiential Education

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 3: Preceptor Roles and Responsibilities

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 4: Creating (and Improving) Your Rotation

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 5: Providing Student Feedback and Evaluations

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 6: Integrating the Patient Care Process into Daily Practice

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 7: Do You Have Time to Speak with the Pharmacist? Initiating Conversations About Substance Use

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 8: Precepting: The Pharmacy Student Perspective

PittPharmacy Preceptor Module 9: Assessing Student Performance in Experiential Learning: The PittPharmacy Mastery Scale

Preimplation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening: Risks and Benefits

Purpose Bred Mice and Rats

Rabbit Training Module - Update

Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST)

Responsible Literature Searching

Ruminant Training Module - Update

Seclusion and Restraint Regulatory Review - 2017 Edition

Spring 2016 Issue of Trauma Rounds

Street Rx: A Review on Drugs of Abuse - UPMC Hamot

Swine Training Module - Update

The Discoverability of the Peer Review Process and What You Need to Know - UPMC Hamot

UPMC Billing Compliance for Device Studies

Use of Laboratory Animals in Research and Education

ecrt Principal Investigator Training

ACCME Accredited  MOC badge

Animal-Based Research Modules

HIPAA for Pitt and Non-UPMC Faculty, Staff and Students

Lower Back Pain

Office of Advanced Practice Providers

Patient Safety/Risk Management

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grand Rounds

PittPharmacy Preceptor Training

Responsible Conduct of Research

Trauma and Emergency Care

University of Pittsburgh Center for Public Health Practice

UPMC Hamot

UPMC Infertility Folder

UPMC Magee-Women's Hospital

UPMC Mercy Training

UPMC Physicians

UPMC Presbyterian Medical Grand Rounds

UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

UPMC Shadyside

Vendor Training

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic